ExploitedCollegeGirls.com: Kimberly - Exploited College Girls Kimberly [SD 360p] (810.36 Mb)

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ExploitedCollegeGirls.com: Kimberly - Exploited College Girls Kimberly [SD 360p] (810.36 Mb)

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When I pick up 18 year old SDSU freshman Kimberly she is bundled up in a jacket and wearing Uggs because apparently her tender frame cant handle a chilling 70 degrees without it. So needless to say, I cant wait to grab her bags and get the little blondie in my car to evaluate the goods more thoroughly. But Kimberly is extremely shy at first. I finally get her to take off her jacket and top and lo and behold, shes got those neat little all-natural titties with perfect nipples. She thinks theyre too small (like most girls do) but theyre ideal to suck on, which I do a little later. You know whats weird though? It took more convincing for her to go topless than it took to get her to suck my cock while we were driving to my place. But either way, the shoot is off to a good start. Cute blonde, a bit dumb, a faint hint of a latin accent (she claims to be of Mexican descent), and ready to suck my cock when I want. And from what she reveals about her personal sex life in the car, quite inexperienced. Perfect. Kimberly has never done anything like this before and it shows - shes shy and nervously giggles constantly when I film her pee and do all the things we do before going upstairs to shoot the actual video. Shes a surprisingly good poser for photos though. When I make her suck me, and then shove my cock in her, shes a little uncomfortable. Shes super tight and even apologizes for it. No need, I say, its what I want. When we start in my bedroom shes a little more relaxed but still giggles a lot when we do the interview. Shes comfortable naked (as she should be) so I get to that pretty quickly and explore her petite body in depth. As someone whos been exploiting young coeds for a long time I notice little things that tell me a girl likely orgasms easily. I sense this with Kimberly so I go down on her. Oh boy, was I right - Kimberly quickly comes close to orgasming, and then goes totally nuts when I start licking her little asshole. She vigorously rubs her clit as I tongue her, and after a few minutes Kimberly orgasms. Watch her facial expressions closely as she is working towards cumming - this is real, folks. Kimberly claims her favorite sexual thing is to give blowjobs so now its time to test this. Our little blonde Latina does a great job with her mouth so shes probably not lying about this. Having licked her ass earlier I ask her to do the same for me now, at which she balks. But I am persistent with this and sure enough I finally get her to stick her tongue in my ass. So fucking good! I then deep throat her (which she hates) and then its time to enjoy that pussy in earnest. I fuck her pretty hard and Kimberlys tight pussy can only take so and so much. Still, I have to do my circuit of positions before I let this one go. Her tight lips around my cock just wont let me cut this one short. After Kimberly rides me for some time I feel Im about to pop so I make her get in position. After a few minutes of sucking on my balls I shoot about a weeks worth of pent up cum straight in her mouth. Not her favorite. While Im grabbing the camera to take still photos she asks me, mouth full of sperm, if she can spit it out now. I make her wait a little and grab a towel. Now I let her dribble out all that cum, nice and slow. Very fucking hot, Im sure a lot of you will play that one again and again. I sure do. At this point I can tell Kimberly got herself in way over her head and shes ready to head back home and into mommys arms. Another college girl saved from false wholesomeness. America, you can thank me later. Its another good one, brothers, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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