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Hi. My name is Hlamida Manada. I was invited to the casting and asked to talk about my first sexual experience, about the first masturbation. My first masturbation is usual enough. I think a lot of girls had the similar experience. It happened to me once at night when I was reading the book. The story was about the friendship of one girl from a poor family and a boy from a rich family. They could only meet secretly from their parents because they had really strong feelings to each other. And once their childhood feelings turned into the first kiss and first caresses. When I was reading about their feelings I felt excited and slight itching in my pussy. I put my hand in my panties and continued to read... so my first orgasm happened..., .. This began to continue every day. Sometimes even twice a day. I became a sexually concerned girl. My sister Elena (she was twenty years old) had a boyfriend (his name was Victor) which was 25. In the evening they were often staying in the room together, they had fun.. After having fun everything subsided and I could hear her giggle and moan quietly. One day, when no one was home, I went to their door and looked into the keyhole. I couldnt see anything at first. Then suddenly in front of my eyes appeared Victors huge dick. I almost screamed. But my throat was too dry... I didnt realise he was standing right in front of the door! After that, he went to the bed where my naked sister was laying. She sat down and began to suck his dick. Victor was moaning and inserting his penis deeper and deeper into her mouth.. Then he pulled my sister onto the bed and she stood in the doggy pose. I was looking at them and holding my breath, my heart was about to burst out of my chest. I thought Id die of a heart attack. Victor put his dick in her vagina, and he started to fuck my sister hard. She was, moaning with pleasure, the same as Victor. My panties got wet and I realised I cant stand it anymore. My hand slid into my panties and my fingers slipped along my pussy. I was watching Victors dick penetrating deeply into my sisters vagina and I was dreaming that hes doing it to me. I came instantly. Then again... And then again... I was exhausted, and relaxed.... That night I slept without any dreams... I just went to my room and fell asleep as dead... I woke up at 8 in the morning and immediately remembered everything that happened to me yesterday and my pussy became wet again... So I became a stupid girl who is looking for a free minute to masturbate.. That was the experience that cannot be forgotten until I die. Collapse

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Screenshot Hlamida Manada - Defloration: Hlamida Manada - hardcore defloration [FullHD 1080p] (2,23 Gb)
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April ONeil sits down on the couch with Jade Baker. Thanks again for this, she really appreciates April and her husband letting her stay there, Jade says. Oh, of course, Jade is her husbands sister after all, and theyll always be there for her when she needs them, April says kindly. Even so, she HATES to be an inconvenience, Jade says apologetically. Nonsense, she could NEVER be an inconvenience, April says. Shes very sweet, Jade says, smiling appreciatively at April. And she wont stay too long, this is just temporary while she gets back on her feet financially, Jade says. Jade can stay as long as she needs to, April says patiently. Besides, it will be great to have a woman around the house for a change, April adds with a laugh. Maybe now she can finally get some REAL advice on what to wear, April says. Yeah, Jades brother doesnt really care about that stuff, laughs Jade. Although Jade doesnt see why April would need ANY advice on how to dress, she always looks...amazing, Jade says, looking at April with a hint of flirtatiousness. April smiles back at her and there is a moment of pleasant tension. April clears her throat, breaking the moment. Ok, so theyll get Jade settled in and then April will start on dinner, April says, adding that her husband should be back from work any minute. The next day, April, a towel wrapped around her body, walks up to her bathroom door. She is about to open the door when Jade opens it suddenly. Jade has a towel wrapped around her body and has clearly just taken a shower. Both women are startled. Oh, didnt know that---April stutters, trying not to check out Jade. Yeah, she was just...shes sorry she took so long in the shower, she just---, Jade trails off, locking eyes with April as the tension builds. Jade bites her lip. Its ok, she....she knows how hard it can be to get out of the shower when shes nice...and...wet, April says softly, licking her lips as she moves slightly towards Jade. Yeah...really...wet, Jade says quietly, moving a little closer to April. A growing attraction blossoming in their faces, they are barely able to meet one anothers eyes. Jade moves to leave the bathroom door at the same time as April moves to enter the bathroom. There isnt enough room for both of them, so they move away from each other, politely trying to let the other pass, but their movements are a little-off-sync and they bump into each other. They laugh awkwardly, the tension mounting. But just as the tension becomes almost palpable, a door closes elsewhere in the house. This breaks their spell, and April moves aside. Jade says she bets her brother will complain at both of them hogging the shower so long, and they share an awkward nervous chuckle. They both apologize as Jade slips away. Before going into the bathroom, April sighs loudly. She shakes her head, trying to dispel whatever thoughts were intruding. She calls to her husband that shes jumping in the shower now, but wont be long. She enters the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Later that night, April and Jade are sitting on the living room couch together watching TV. They are captivated and scared by a movie on the screen. Babe, is the popcorn almost ready? Youre missing the best part! April calls out to her husband in the other room. Want any snacks? she says, turning to Jade. No, shes fine, thanks, replies Jade absently, her eyes glued to the screen. Suddenly there is a frightening moment on the TV screen and April and Jade jump and yelp in terror, involuntarily hugging each other. They look at each other, both laughing in embarrassment at their fear. But as they gaze at each other, the fear turns to sexual tension. April bites her lip as Jades hand lightly and almost imperceptibly strokes Aprils hair. Uh, I should see if he needs any help carrying stuff, April says as she pulls away, both girls clearing their throats uncomfortably and trying not to look at each other. A few days later, Jade is relaxing on the living room couch, browsing on her phone. April comes into the room. Oh hi, April says when she notices Jade. Jade greets her pleasantly. April sits down on the couch next to Jade. She...she wanted to thank her again for letting her stay here, Jade says sweetly. Oh, its ok, shes...shes LOVED having Jade around, April smiles, a hint of flirtation in her voice. Perhaps unconsciously, Jade moves a little closer to April on the couch. There is a building tension. Has Jade seen her brother around?, April asks, seemingly wanting an excuse to diffuse the tension. Yeah, he actually had to run out to his office, there was a work emergency and he wanted her to tell April that he wouldnt be back for a few hours, Jade says. O-oh I see, so its...just the two of them?, April asks quietly, nervously darting her eyes toward Jade. Um yeah, she...she guesses it is, Jade says, glancing sideways at April. They lock eyes. They try to look away from each other, but their proximity is causing the sexual tension of the last few days to become unbearable. They bite their lips, clearly trying to resist. They lightly caress each others hands. I--, Jade says softly but cant finish a thought. As they continue to stroke each others hands, their lips are moving closer to each other. As they close the gap, the tension finally boils over, and they kiss each other tentatively. The kiss quickly becomes passionate, but that increase in intensity causes them to pull away from each other. What are we DOING?! April asks in disbelief. Seriously! She cant do this to her brother, it would devastate him...he doesnt deserve that!, Jade says. How do you think I feel?? Im the one whos MARRIED to him! This would BREAK his heart! April says emphatically. Exactly!, Jade agrees, trying to be firm even as her eyes stray hungrily to Aprils lips. But the womens body language is much different from their words. So they...they DEFINITELY...cant do this, April says softly, trying to resist as she gazes at Jade, her eyes filling with lust. No...they...they....cant, Jade says. There is a moment of thick tension. Their mouths collide in a passionate kiss. Theyve done everything they can to deny them, but these sisters-in-lust can no longer resist their primal urges. Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Mike909!

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