Veronica Rodriguez, Chanell Heart - Prove It! [HD 720p] (511.11 Mb) - 2019-01-20

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Chanell Heart comes into the reception area in a huff and the secretary, Veronica Rodriguez, professionally and politely greets her. Chanell is confused and suspicious when she sees Veronica, asking, Wheres Edna? Veronica responds that dear old Edna finally retired and that shes there to fill in. Veronica then asks how she can help Chanell, and Chanell says that shes there to see Veronicas boss -- her husband. Veronicas smile falters as she tells Chanell that hes out at a lunch meeting with a client right now for at least an hour. Chanell is angry, insisting that hes always conveniently in a meeting whenever she drops by.Also, THIS just wont do! Chanell exclaims while animatedly gesturing to Veronica. Veronica is confused, uttering, Excuse me? Chanell says that they cant just replace Bingo-loving, bird-watching Edna with some young hottie -- her husband will cheat on her for sure! No, it looks like Veronica will have to get the boot.Veronica is taken aback by the wifes hostility towards her. She questions whether or not the wife actually has the ability to fire her, but doesnt want to take the chance, especially when the wife insists that she most certainly CAN get her fired. In order to try and prove that she has no interest in Chanells husband, she reveals that shes a lesbian -- not even a closeted one, but a full-on goldstar out-and-proud lesbian.Chanell doesnt buy Veronicas story, even if its the truth. Chanell tells Veronica to PROVE that shes a lesbian, which leaves Veronica stunned. She doesnt understand HOW she can prove it. She can show pictures of her girlfriend? Chanell says that wont be enough because she can share pictures of her girlfriends as well! Then Chanell looks Veronica up and down and slyly says she thinks shes figured out a way that Veronica can prove that shes a lesbian. Veronica is eager to prove herself so that her job is safe and follows Chanell into the office.Once theyre in the privacy of the office, Chanell begins feeling Veronica up. Veronica barely knows what to do as Chanell comes onto her, insisting that she proves to her that shes indeed a goldstar lesbian. Veronica is worried that this is a trick -- what about Chanells husband? Chanells not worried for a second about her husband -- if he finds out about this little experiment, shell handle it!With the reassurance from Chanell, Veronica is able to relax a little -- but only a little since she still has her job to fight for. Chanell takes the lead and Veronica is along for the ride as they sensually lick each others breasts and eagerly eat out each others pussies. Fortunately, Chanell seems to be enjoying herself so much that Veronica just might be able to keep her job after all!Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Jerichoholic!

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