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Ava is another friend our favorite redheaded pervert, Ashton, referred to me. Its Avas very first time shooting a porno and she asked Ashton to come with her to the shoot. While she dolls herself up in the bathroom and talks about her life, likes, and dislikes, Ashton selects clothes for Ava to wear, and makes gestures at me alluding to how much shed like to fuck her. But Ava is nervous enough getting fucked by a strange guy on camera. Ava looks so delicious naked in the bathroom, I cant keep my hands off of her but I do manage to struggle through the interview questions without cumming in my pants. I then kick Ashton out so I can start our naughty time with her friend, and she says to call her if we want her to join in. Maybe next time. For today though I have Ava all to myself. Its obvious Ava isnt a seasoned pornstar, and has no aspirations to be one. This shoot is one of those things a girl looks back on years (or days) later and wonders what she was thinking. As of right now though, Ava does want to explore her wild side and luckily we are here in time to exploit that. But a girl who got a breast reduction as a teen so that she can do better at sports (!) isnt cut out for porn - and she knows it. Ava is about studying, and preparing for a career. But porn is the cool thing to do these days so here she is. Heres a tip: if you ever find yourself standing outside of a hotel room, drunk, and particularly talkative, do everyone a favor and think of this shoot: there are these idiots standing outside of our room, yakking away like school girls, while Ava and me are fucking. Were trying to be quiet so we dont tip these clowns off as to whats going on (I dont want to be kicked out of a hotel...again), and were playing it off like nothings happening. But their constant talking and laughing just puts a damper on the mood. You can hear some of it in the video. Yap, yap, one point I get so mad, I yank the door open to yell at the culprits. Luckily for them, they were just leaving. Im cursing and Ava is mad, too. Its not in the video because its not my best side, I usually dont lose my temper like that. But...OMG IM BANGING A HOT COLLEGE GIRL AND THESE IDIOTS CANT SHUT THE FUCK UP! Moving on... I have Ava suck me some more to get me hard again, then have her ride me, something I enjoy, and many girls get off on too, even though they all claim "doggy" is their favorite position. In Avas case thats probably true though - we see the best reactions from her when I fuck her from behind. She has a few short and subtle orgasms (which shed never admit to - shes not that type of girl, you see LOL), whereas all the other stuff we do - even the toys! - dont excite her as much. In fact, it seems like she actually has to concentrate for a lot of it. I have a feeling Ava isnt nearly as sexually experienced as shed like to think. But then again, shes only 19. And what did I expect? I realize how much Im used to fucking college whores as opposed to the more straight-laced types when Ava tells me shed never gotten a facial before (after I cum on her, of course), and Im in utter disbelief. But now it dawns on me: facials are a porn thing. "Normal", good-girls like Ava dont get cum facials in their personal sex lives. Judging from her reaction - a mix of disgust and relief - we can see why. But, boy, a coed face covered in cum just makes for a great ending to a video, dont you think? :)

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