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Kate Kennedy has just started a new job as a real estate agent and is excited to be showing a house to a new client, Kendra James. As Kate tells her about the property Kendra keeps giving her funny looks and finally begins to ask why the realtor look so familiar. At first Kate brushes off the questions, but Kendra becomes more demanding. Suddenly she snaps her fingers and realizes - Kate is a porn star! Kate blushes and explains she changed careers and is starting a new life, but Kendra is super excited and wants to have a little fun. She pulls out a sleepy rag and ambushes the realtor, covering her nose and mouth and making her eye lids droop. Kendra rag dolls the sleepy agent, playing with her arms and legs, letting the limp limbs drop and then putting her into compromising positions. Then Kendras plan turns even more sinister. She strips Kate clothes off and ties up the knocked out and helpless realtor. When Kate awakes shes at the delusional stalkers whim. Kendra makes her lick her pussy just like in a movie, moaning and thrusting her hips into Kates wet tongue. After Kendra has had an orgasm she gags the blonde and leaves her there. After all, Kate is the only realtor showing the house and no one else is scheduled to view it. Kendra can come back for more fun anytime she wants.