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Looks like Ashton kinda pulled a fast one on me here: I was under the impression these two girls are good friends and hang out on a regular basis. Since Ashton confessed her massive crush on Maggie to us (see Ashtons video), I organized a little surprise by inviting Ashton over for a threeway romp with her college flame. And what a surprise it turned out to be - Maggie didnt even know Ashtons name. Turns out, their "relationship" is more of a college clique thing where the girls hang in the same circles but dont really know each other all that well. (Well enough for Maggie to refer Ashton over to fuck me for cash, but apparently not enough to learn each others names LOL.). I open the door to let Ashton in and as soon as she sees Maggie her eyes light up like a junkie who spots her next fix. Prey time! Maggie is momentarily taken aback but then realizes what was about to happen - a threeway with a guy more than twice her age, and that redheaded badass rock chick she hangs out with after class. Maggie, meet Ashton. You two are going to fuck. I make the girls start kissing, and thats about all it takes for the evening to start off with a bang. Ashton is clearly the "aggressor" but never mean or pushy. She is excited to make Maggie cum using toys and licking her ass, and Maggie is happy to return the favor. Both girls make each other cum several times, to the point where there are puddles of pussy juice on the bed. And both are equally enthusiastic about pleasing me as well, although Ashtons competitiveness does give her the cocksucking edge at times. But its really all about the girls today. As they request, I play Maggies anal video on the laptop, and fuck them both as they watch the movie. Ashton creams up so much watching Maggie get assfucked, I wasnt sure if I accidentally came in her pussy early and didnt realize it. This tells you how much into this I am. Forget about the thumbnail pics below, they really cant convey the full story. There is a lot of back-and-forth happening here, sometimes I fuck Maggie, sometimes Ashton, sometimes they eat each other out, sometimes with my cock in one of their juicy snatches, sometimes without; My cock goes from one girls pussy to the other girls mouth; The girls laugh and giggle; They suck cock, lick pussy, watch porn, fuck side by side, spread each other open, and have toe curling orgasms while theyre at it. Two hot girls who are into each other and enjoy dick, too...brothers, if you ever get the chance - I highly recommend this. Your Favorite Videos -folder is about to get bigger today. - Steve

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