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New Year paddling special with Belinda Lawson sets her bottom ON FIRE! To celebrate 2021 - and who doesn’t need a little celebration, even if it’s late! - here’s Belinda Lawson with a teeth-gritting, booty-bouncing paddling . As the chimes of London’s famous Big Ben clock sound 12, the paddle is applied hard to her bare buttocks. It’s a tradition that she strips stunningly nude, introducing the video in her own style. After such a tough paddling, she talks about what it was like, and shows her marks! Bonus totally nude paddling with Belinda to celebrate 2021! Belinda Lawson was thrilled to be invited to our nude ! She asked for the video from the other cameras (we shoot with 3) to be shown to you: how could we refuse? See those awesome butt cheeks bounce, ripple and wobble from two different angles as a paddle delivers 12 hard swats to the chimes of London’s Big Ben clock. WOW!

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