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Ive been dating my boyfriend for over two years now and we live with his parents. In the last few months I’ve begun to realize that Im not really into guys anymore; to the point where Im about to break up with my boyfriend. One day, I was home alone when his mom arrived early from work. She’s super chill for a mom and we get along very well. She sat next to me and asked how my day had been going. I said it was going well but I told her Im in a dilemma and I’d appreciate if I could share my thoughts with her. I admitted that I think Im a lesbian. She wasnt as surprised as I thought she would fact, she admitted she’s had multiple lesbian experiences and she loves them. But the only way to know for sure is to have a lesbian experience. So...she leaned over and started to caress my face and softly kiss me. That was enough to get me wet. She must have known it or felt it because her hand slid into my panties and started to finger my juicy pussy. She asked what my number one turn-on is. I said Im into feet. She removed my chucks and licked the arch of my foot until I started to breathe harder and harder. Before long, she was sucking each of my long toes individually. Then she made me remove her heels and gently placed her bare feet onto my face. I loved to feel her soft soles on my lips. We sucked and licked each other’s feet in an embrace. She fingered me so good while her tongue was going in and out between my toes. She ate my pussy so good too that I came harder than ever before. It was definitely an experience that makes me want to give this lesbian thing a try...