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Yee-haw, ride em, Cowgirl! However, maybe for this week we should change that to "ride HIM, Cowgirl." This compilation is all about the girls who love to ride their Cocksmen forwards, in reverse, or maybe even sidesaddle. Spitfire redheaded Jade starts the rodeo by riding Chris on the pedestal in traditional cowgirl, followed by Scotty in reverse, and Randy back the other way. Notice how she like to hold her Cocksmens hands while she rides them like a bucking bronco, only Jade is more like a FUCKING bronco! Check out how hard her boyfriend (the one she calls "Daddy") pinches her nipples that sends her to screaming orgasms. This fine filly wont be broken. Sultry ( sweaty) Sofie is up next for a Randy ride in reverse cowgirl. Scotty and Eddie are the next cowboys in the saddle before new-kid-in-town Sidra takes over. Theres a new sheriff in town and she has short blonde hair and two different colored eyes! She rides dick like wild mare in heat. After putting Randy out to stud, Sidra saddles up on Jason, Eddie, and Scotty who all try to sire a thoroughbred with her. Big booty Kay rides air-cowgirl with Mr. Jaye before ponying up to the pedestal for some cowgirl on Chris with Jason in her mouth. Jason transitions from being the carrot Kay sucks on to becoming the lucky stud she bounces on. Eddie wins the derby with Kay in a perfect sidesaddle ride. Through the magic of video editing, the girl on top of Eddie suddenly turns into long-legged filly, Rebecca. She grabs on tight to two other Cocksmen and hangs on for the ride of her life before this bareback riding compilation is over. Wanna see another round-up of righteous rides? Tell us in the comments. Until then, well be moseyin on down to next week for a spankin new installment of!