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Got a lap dance from Kristy at a strip club on the far outskirts of the city (aka desperate dancer heaven) where she works. Talked her into coming to the office with me during her break to do a quick audition. Porn money > stripper money, and all that. We have a little over an hour to do this "tape" before she has to be back on the pole. I thought a broke stripper is easy pickins but I thought wrong. As expected shes easy at first and isnt surprised when I tell her to suck me for the "demo". Then she goes all Diva on me: I accidentally cum inside her during doggy but claim its her pussy cream so she needs to lick it off my cock. She doesnt believe me - "Im not taking your juices in my mouth!" - but I keep a straight face so she does it. Does everything else I tell her to, well, almost. Diva. After making her big tits bounce in a couple of positions I pull out when I cum - "just in time" or so she thinks (Nope. Second time.). I rush her back to her club afterwards and demand another BJ as thank you from her. If it wasnt for the blown car tire and the cop circling us while she blows me this wouldve been a nice two-fer (okay, three-fer). Alas, its back to empty g-strings with her either way now. See you at the paternity testing facility, Kristy.

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