/ Eveline Neill - One Night [ ] (219.07 Mb) / Eveline Neill - One Night [ ] (219.07 Mb)

Actress: Eveline Neill
Title: One Night
Genre: Solo, Teen, Blowjob, Petite, Striptease, Girl Orgasm, Cowgirl, Panties, Couple, Pussy Licking, Brunette, Doggy Style, Fingering, Shaved Pussy, Bedroom, Cumshot

Description: Its early in the morning. Lutro, sleeping soundly, is oblivious. The camera, moving unsteadily through the room strewn with hastily removed clothing, shifts blearily in and out of focus. Eveline Neill is seated on the foot of the bed. Her hair, like the sheets, is in disarray. In flashback we see how her hair, and the bedding, got so disheveled. In the morning her expression is ambiguous, strained, slightly melancholy perhaps. But the previous night, that "One Night" that gives Andrej Lupins film its title, she was as pretty as a picture, as happy as a lark, and eagerly joined Lutro for a passionate, spontaneous hook-up. Although it cuts periodically to the following morning, the subject of the film is what happened the previous night. Swept up in their mutual attraction the couple make out feverishly. Stripped of everything but her pretty panties, Lutro dines on the evenings delicacy, Evelines smooth, wet, hairless, and eager pussy. Shes responsive, alive, electrified by the touch of his tongue. With appetites of her own and a desire to please, Eveline proceeds to give suck to Lutros cock. Suitably inflamed by this extended foreplay the couple unite in an upright clinch that places Eveline in the cowgirl position. She rides, first at a canter and then at a gallop. As their lust builds the couple shift from one position to the next, attentive to one another, but focused on pleasure. Her orgasm comes first. And by doing so it hastens his. Then, spent, they surrender to contented sleep. The morning may bring regret or second thoughts. But that night, that "One Night," was everything two people could possibly want.

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