PureTaboo.com: Kylie Rocket - Young At Heart [FullHD 1080p] (1.5 Gb)

PureTaboo.com: Kylie Rocket - Young At Heart [FullHD 1080p] (1.5 Gb)

Actress: Kylie Rocket
Title: Young At Heart
Site: PureTaboo.com
Genre: Teen, Hardcore, First Time, Couple

Time: 00:47:53

Description: A young woman, Leslie (Kylie Rocket), arrives at the home of Jonah, a young man shes been bonding with online. This will be her first time meeting Jonah in person and going on a date with him. She knocks on the door, but to her surprise, the door is answered by an older man, Charles (Mick Blue). Charles says that he is Jonahs parent, and that Jonah is still busy getting ready for the date. He invites Leslie to wait inside.

Leslie and Charles make small talk while waiting for Jonah. Charles seems very eager to keep talking to Leslie, but Leslie starts to wonder whats taking Jonah so long. She tries using her phone to send a message to Jonahs number, but to her surprise, she hears the ding! of the message arriving on Charles phone. Charles realizes he cant stall any longer. He apologizes and says that he was working up the courage to tell her the truth: there IS no Jonah. Charles is the one whos been talking to Leslie online all this time, making up the Jonah persona - a younger version of himself - to get Leslie to agree to go on a date with him. BUT everything he said online about his personality is more or less true. Charles mentions that he considers himself young at heart and none of the dates with women his age have clicked. Unfortunately, women Leslies age are often too offput with the age difference to go out with him. He was excited when he - as Jonah - met Leslie online and elated when they got along so well. But he also knew that he would eventually have to explain the truth to her, and hoped that he wouldnt scare her off when he did.

Leslie is clearly shocked and unnerved by everything that Charles just revealed. Not only did he LIE to her and betray her confidence, but hes SO MANY years OLDER than her - how can she EVER be with him? But Charles protests that age is just a number and that he can give her everything shes looking for in a man - even MORE. After all, he comes with the experience of knowing how to satisfy a woman. Leslie is still uneasy. He makes some valid points but she just cant get past the creepiness of it all. Charles makes her an offer: if she lets him pleasure her and it feels better than with any of the younger guys shes been with, then she can give him a chance, a REAL chance.

Quality: FullHD
Format: mp4
Video: 1920px1080p
Size: 1.5 Gb

PureTaboo.com: Kylie Rocket - Young At Heart [FullHD 1080p] (1.5 Gb)

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