SD Athena Faris - Proud Pervs Let Them Watch [SD 544p] (550,02 Mb) Athena Faris - Proud Pervs Let Them Watch [SD 544p] (550,02 Mb)

Actress: Athena Faris
Title: Proud Pervs Let Them Watch
Genre: Teen, Blowjob, Hardcore, Pussy Licking, Doggy Style, Missionary, Cowgirl, Couple, Zipper, Sneaky, Spooning, Reverse Cowgirl, Spanish

Time: 00:41:07

Description: Syren De Mer and Dick Chibbles, an older couple, are at their favorite movie theatre, munching on popcorn as they watch a film on the silver screen. It’s been a while since they’ve had a date night, and they’re excited to take in this lovely artistic film that they’ve been waiting months to see. Unfortunately for them, their zen is about to get ruined by two loud teens, Athena Faris and Ricky Spanish. As these two walk down the aisle to find some seats, Athena constantly complains. She’d rather be doing ANYTHING than have to sit through a boring movie like this one. They end up sitting a few seats in front of Syren and Dick, who send them nasty looks, praying that they won’t ruin their date night.

Athena pulls out her phone and starts chatting away with Ricky, showing a total lack of respect for the other people in the theatre. Syren isn’t shy to give her a piece of her mind, and she promptly tells Athena to keep quiet. Athena scoffs, begrudgingly putting her phone away while trying her hardest to find some sense of enjoyment in the boring movie in front of her. But then she gets a sneaky idea. She lifts the divider between her and Ricky and starts rubbing his crotch through his pants. She then pulls open his zipper and takes his cock out and starts jerking him off. Syren and Dick can see everything, and they are incensed. Syren demands that Athena and Ricky change their behavior, but it’s clear that these teens aren’t going to listen.

As Syren and Dick try to keep their eyes on the screen, Athena starts giving Ricky a blowjob. Ricky is peevish- those people are right there! ‘Let them watch,’ Athena says as she promptly hops onto Ricky’s dick and starts riding him in reverse cowgirl. Syren has had enough, and she drags Dick over to the popcorn stand to complain to the usher, Joshua Lewis. Joshua grabs his flashlight and goes to inspect the theatre, but when Ricky sees him coming, he motions for Athena to get back in her seat. Luckily for them, Joshua doesn’t notice anything’s amiss and goes back to his popcorn stand.

Now alone, Athena decides to give Ricky a REAL show. She takes her top off and lets Ricky suck on her nipples as she strokes his cock. Ricky moves his hand down between her legs and rubs Athena’s pussy, after which she pulls his head down there for some pussy-eating. Athena then takes off Ricky’s pants and gives him a sloppy blowjob. He can’t get enough and promptly gets fully naked so that he can pound her in missionary on one of the seats. She then pushes Ricky into her seat and rides him in cowgirl. They give each other more cunnilingus, and then Ricky fucks Athena in doggystyle as she grips the back of a chair with delight. Ricky lowers himself down to fuck her in a spooning position and Athena moans with pleasure. Athena wants to mix things up, so she lies on her back across some seats and lets Ricky facefuck her. She then gives him another blowjob before he fucks her in doggystyle again and then comes all over her ass.

There’s still some movie left, so Ricky suggests they keep watching. Athena’s not so happy about that, but after the fucking he’s just given her, she may as well just let him watch!

Quality: FullHD
Format: mp4
Video: 960px544p
Size: 550,02 Mb Athena Faris - Proud Pervs Let Them Watch [SD 544p] (550,02 Mb)

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